Simple { } Collaborations is a community of low code/no code technology experts in Microsoft Power Platform, Mendix, Now, and more that’s breaking away from the traditional consulting model.

Starting with a focus on the Microsoft Power Platform, a leader in enterprise low-code applications, we’re leveraging top independent contractors to provide firms with specialized talent for consulting-style project engagements.

Our community offers an alternative model to the modern consulting industry. Instead, we encourage our consultants to work on projects that fit their interests and expertise so that our clients can enjoy quicker return and reduced rates compared to traditional engagements. Using proven design patterns that scale from the smallest applications to full-scale, enterprise-class, our community works with our clients to construct valuable custom, solutions to common problems by leveraging low code/no code technologies.

Beyond crafting client core solutions, we empower their teams to enhance, support, and maintain these solutions as their business needs change. We “wrap” commonly used accounting, collaboration, and internet/web solutions with tools that integrate the information coming from all these sources into coherent and easy-to-use solutions.

We can help throughout the lifecycle of a project including:

Our Team

Mark Slosberg