Introduction to Simple{}Collaborations

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Low Code Basics: Case Study – How Low Code Solutions Can Improve your Organization

In this video Mark Slosberg, President of Simple{}Collaborations, will discuss a real-world example of how low code/no code technology enabled him to solve business challenges, and how our approach can lead to more visible and more transparent business operations, in a more modern and innovative manner, with happier customers, employees, and users.

Low Code Basics: Part 1 | Harnessing your Employee’s Know-How

In the first installment of our Low Code Basics series, President of Simple{}Collaborations Mark Slosberg discusses the importance of harnessing your key staff’s extensive knowledge and mastery of your business operations, and why that is often a critical and key success factor when adopting low code technology.

Low Code Basics: Part 2 | Navigating the Low Code Choices

In this second video of our short video series, we discuss the strategies for choosing a platform that is right for your needs and circumstances. We examine some options and how you can leverage your organization’s existing “power users”, grow more Citizen Developers and work with the IT resources you do have.

Low Code Basics: Part 3 | Creating Virtual Data Warehouses

In this third video of our Introduction to Low/No Code series, we discuss using these Low and No Code tools to integrate disparate organizational datasets in an agile and cost-effective manner. We particularly examine platforms such as Microsoft Power Platform and talk about how Low/No Code technologies in general can help your organization manage and integrate your diverse data sets quickly and more effectively.

Building Valuable Solutions With Power Platform: What to “Really” Expect?

In this new video series, we are going to help you deal with the challenges you face as a citizen developer. We examine business design patterns, real life business challenges to help you grow more Citizen Developers and work with the IT resources you do have.