Current Solutions and Service Offerings:

We offer a range of components, providing our clients with real-time access to:

Hiring Skilled and Experienced Low Code Staff

Simple { } Collaborations is a community of expert independent professionals in the field of Low Code/No Code technology. Our community works to connect our members with clients that need their skills. The community is starting with a focus on the Microsoft Power Platform, a leader amongst enterprise low-code application platforms.

Product Inventory Availability, Age, Expiration Dates and Other Status

Don’t make Sales Teams call/text/email to inquire about what they can sell — put the information directly into their hands.

Sales Orders History (Open and Shipped/ Invoiced)

Let Sales Teams view real-time sales order status and history to answer questions from Customers immediately.

Purchase Orders (Open and Shipped)

Let Sales Teams check to see if the products have been ordered, when they’re expected, and whether they’ve arrived.

Inventory Transactions and Movement

Let Sales Teams check Product status and location as it moves from the Loading Dock to Warehouses and more, modifications by Vendors and then Customer shipping information.

Quote, Pending Order, and Invoice Creation and Management

Allow Sales Teams to build, print, email or text Quotes to Customers directly from real-time lookups into Inventory Status. Get Approvals and transfer Quotes to actual Sales Orders in your ERP system, all directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Sales Operations Coordination

Provide up-to-the-minute dashboards to track the status of interactions between members of your Sales Team, each designed with their own unique view of the process based on what is most relevant.

Product Complaint Management

Tie product complaints directly to specific Sales Orders and manage the resolution from the interactions with Customers to Suppliers.

Task and Operational Performance Management

Let the entire Sales Team view up-to-the-minute analytics around what is selling, who is selling, who is buying, and how much production is either in stock or on order.

Supplier Forecasting

Simplify the interactions between the Sales Team that needs the Product and the Ordering Team and Management that procures the Product and secures the Supplier Pricing.

Componentized Versions of Offerings

Clients can mix and match our offerings to create a customized solution for their needs. Any combination of these functions can be put together into a single app.

Getting more from Office365 – Leveraging PowerApps, Power Automate (Flows), Power BI, Dataverse

Executing Digital Transformations within Your Business or Enterprise

Moving Your Servers from the Closet to the Cloud

Putting the Data Stored in Your Accounting and Tracking Systems to Use

Building End-to-End, Mobile-Enabled Information Solutions for your Clients/Constituents, Suppliers, and Employees

Real-Time Mobile Interface to Legacy ERP and Distribution Platforms for Sales Teams

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