What is Simple { } Collaborations

Simple { } Collaborations is a highly selective community of independent professionals with specialties in low code/no code technologies such as the Microsoft Power Platform, Mendix, Creatio, Twilio, Shopify, and more. The community is starting with a focus on the Microsoft Power Platform, which is a leader amongst enterprise low-code application platforms.

As organizations seek qualified Microsoft Power Platform experts, Simple { } Collaborations works to connect our community members with these enterprises.

What is in it for Me as a Low/No Code Practitioner

Above all, our job is to put more money in your pocket on a steadier and more predictable basis. We focus on connecting you with work projects that you not only like but also want to do.

We’ll help you move from a traditional straightforward “employee/employer” relationship to a new model that allows you to work when and where you want, and on things that will both interest you and move your career ahead. Often this will be working on projects and with people that, on your own, would be difficult for you to identify and then navigate the “hiring” or “contracting” process. We simplify the entire process so that you can have the flexibility and promise of the “gig” economy along with more of the stability that used to come from a traditional job.

Who Should Dig Deeper into this Opportunity

If you have skills in one or more low code/no code technology platforms or toolsets —particularly Microsoft Power Platform but also Salesforce, Now (ServiceNow), Extend (Workday), Mendix (Siemens), FormStacks, Shopify, Webflow, Creatio, Twilio, and Makerpad — the Simple { } Collaborations community is for you

How Will Simple{}Collaborations Achieve its Goal

We’re creating a Unique Community where Low Code “Practitioners” and low code/no code “Consumers” (individuals, businesses, and organizations) can collaborate and work together.

If this new model practice sounds interesting, particularly if you’re a skilled Microsoft Power Platform practitioner, please contact us! Simply fill in this survey and tell us what you’re looking to achieve in your professional future.

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